Mission Statement:

The Rent-a-Bike Program employs excellence and innovation to provide high quality bicycles at sustainable pricing to Calvin students.

The Rent-A-Bike Program supports and aims to sustain a bike friendly campus. Many students do not have cars and so the next best modes of transportation are the bus or the bike. With helpful resources provided by the Rent-a-Bike Program, students can arrive safely at any location in the City of Grand Rapids. 

    What does the Rent-a-Bike Program offer? 

                                 Single Speed                     Multi-Speed


One Semester               $35                                     $45


Two Semesters             $55                                     $65 


Full Year                        $70                                     $80

How to rent a bike:

1. Email Joel Altena at to inquire about renting a bike.


2. Specify what size of bike, the type of bike, and the duration of the rental.


3. Arrange a time to meet the Rent-a-Bike Program Director, Joel Altena.


4. Read through the contract and policies of the bike program.


5. Take off on your new bike!

All questions and concerns can be directed to the Rent-a-Bike Program Director, Joel Altena, at

Rent-A-Bike Program adds changes, improvements